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There are contractual and business events that warrant procedures performed without the need for an audit of your financial statements and records. This group of services is known as agreed-upon procedures (“AUP”).

Our Firm performs multiple, "AUP" engagements annually for a variety of our clientile.  The, "AUP" service is tailored to the specific needs of each client and business environment and is a cost-effective alternative to an audit service.

The parties involved typically include an audit firm, the company subject to the procedures and a third party that will receive the report.  The parties involved will agree to the procedures being performed, the tailored procedures will be applied by our Firm and a report will be issued on the findings of those tailored procedures to all parties who agreed to the procedures.

These engagements are unique for particular industries that we serve, such as employee benefit plans for the construction industry, fraud and forensics services.


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Employee Benefit Plans

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Single Audits Under the Uniform Guidance

Employee benefit plan audits are specialized due to the United States Department of Labor regulations.  Our Firm and its professional staff have the knowledge and the experience to meet the technical requirements of employee benefit plan auditing.

Ted Soileau, CPA, LLC conducts more than 11 benefit plan audits annually.